Bridge Between is a network of professionals and entrepreneurs in Europe and Asia. By working with an interdisciplinary approach and strong experience multisectoral, they are able to quickly identify the real markets, customers on target and the right contacts to help companies build new business relationships quickly and effectively.

Our partners work closely with you to expand your business, approaching each project with a unique combination of strategy, creativity and pragmatism.


Our Values

Energy. Passion. Professionalism.
Market knowledge + Local presence
Flexible Approach
Full Support
When you’re ready to make a real break-through, Bridge Between provides you with all the tools. Supplemented by in-depth knowledge and powered by our energy and passion, Bridge Between services maximize your return on investment and help you exceed your ambitious goals. While Bridge Between is rooted in Italy and Kazakhstan, it continues to develop its local presence both in Europe and Central Asia. This is how we strengthen our knowledge of local legislation and trade regulations, as well as of economic and cultural aspects. We also participate actively in the communities involving new customers and local operators. We support your organization to develop business opportunities, through a flexible approach to work, giving support for short or longer periods of time. Starting a project from scratch or catching it on the way, we bring it to a successful conclusion, by giving help where and when required. You get the benefit of a full service solution that aligns itself to business goals of your organization. At Bridge Between you’ll get support all along the process, thus obtaining a stable and continuous cooperation throughout business relationship between European and Central Asian parties.