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Kazakhstan is among the largest oil producers and among the top ten for reserves.
The oil and gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities across the upstream, midstream, downstream and oilfield services sectors. The companies that operate in this sector must be compliant with political, regulatory, commercial and environmental requirements.

Our experts are ready to help oil and gas companies to accomplish their challenging work.

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Metals and mining sector is one of the most important for Kazakhstan. Companies operating in this sector are facing challenges connected with a transformation of competitive landscape, with the increase in the production, processing, and supply, and modifications in tax and legal legislation.

Bridge Between professionals are experts in various areas of the Metals and Mining industry and ready to offer their services.

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The focus of financial sector remains on issues such as increasing regulatory requirements, assessment of strategic and operational business models, financial risk management, customer satisfaction and costs reduction.
This sector represents a very complicated system which is strictly regulated by the state, moving across banks, stock exchanges, financial trading firms, leasing operations, insurance companies.

Bridge Between experts support clients addressing the objectives in this sector, helping them to quickly respond to changes and new market conditions.

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The chemical industry includes the companies that produce industrial chemicals, that is converts raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) into many different products.
Kazakh petrochemical production presents opportunities in this sector encouraging the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the production of innovative products with high added value.

Bridge between experts are available to participate in projects in this sector providing their expertise.

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Policy makers in the 21st century operate in a rapidly changing world, facing problems such as wild urbanization, demographic and climate change.
These rapidly evolving operating conditions of state-owned enterprises require effective solutions to a wide range of issues, including through the expansion of the private sector paradigm in the public sector (Public Private Partnerships and collection of public and private funding).

We provide advice and legal support to public companies, development companies, state agencies and international institutions.

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On the one hand, telecommunications operators must follow technological innovation, on the other they must guarantee transparency, useful innovation to the customer and introduce new services on the market.

Our experts support industry players to pursue their short and long-term business goals.

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The Real Estate sector must adopt new approaches to address regulatory requirements and financial risks to continue to be one of the top sectors of development in Kazakhstan. Our experience guarantees our customers with the professional insight into the real estate market in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.

A full services in the field of tax, legal, financial and business consulting are available for our clients.

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Finance raising and investor search, efficiency improving, implementing forward-looking investment projects and participating in government programs are part of the challenges we face with our transportation customers operating in Kazakhstan.

Bridge between experts actively participate in projects in this sector bringing their know-how.

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The Kazakh government has launched a series of reforms that all aim to broaden its economy, diversifying it from the main one, which has always been linked to the export of raw materials. The main objectives are the development of the network of road and rail links, the agri-food industry and manufacturing. In the country, the development of high quality manufacturing industry still has great potential.

Our experts will support companies to make effective the development of their organization and development.

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Located between Europe and Asia, the Republic of Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. Kazakhstan collects a huge variety of landscapes that exist on the planet, a country with a rich historical and cultural past, which has become the home of many people and known for its friendliness and hospitality.
The current market situation presents various business opportunities for the tourism sector in Kazakhstan, still underdeveloped.

Our experts are available to allow you to define or develop your business project in this area.

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The economic growth of the country and the consequent greater propensity to consumption by the population, has also influenced the opening of markets for western products and lifestyle. In general this process is leading to greater consumer awareness and awareness. With the increase of an international presence, the number of hotels, especially of the highest categories, is also growing.

This is a sector that is anything but stable and which presents, if well approached, interesting opportunities.

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In a world of rapid technological change, companies are forced to face changing consumer needs. New business models are upsetting the old certainties and force companies to review the levers of competitive advantage.
Innovation can relate to the product, the production process, the distribution process, or the market penetration strategy.
Bridge Between experts helps companies find the combination of factors that allows them to be a winner in the market.

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